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Group NameLife StageCampusMinistryMeeting Day & TimeLocation
Alice Ann Vawter - A Study in ExodusMixed: Couples & IndividualsSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Wednesday @ 1:00PM 
Alice Ann Vawter/ SundayLife - CrusadersAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Sunday @ 9:30AM 
AlphaAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Wednesday @ 6:00PMLake Havasu City, 86406
Bob Gresham LifeGroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PM 
Carlos and Char EscamillaCollege / SinglesSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Thursday @ 6:30PM 
Chad and Marelda Garrison Marriage LifeAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups) @ 7:00PM 
Claudia Anderson LifeGroup-Fidelis Adult Bible StudyAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 9:00AM 
Dena Naylor Parker LifeGroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Wednesday @ 6:30PM 
Frank Livingstone LifeGroupMixed: Couples & IndividualsSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Thursday @ 6:30PML.H.C., 86406
Greg Pellett- Daniel, Man of GodAny AdultMcCulloch CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PM 
Jackie Dearth PTSD Group (Meets with Celebrate Recovery)Women's GroupSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Monday @ 6:30PMLake Havasu City, 86406
Jim Hess SundayLife GroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Sunday @ 9:30AM 
Jimmy and Brenda Wilson /Cookie Timmons LifeGroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Monday @ 6:30PM 
Jimmy and CeCe Soliz LifeGroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Wednesday @ 6:30PM 
Joe and Kitrina Cooper LifeGroupMixed: Couples & IndividualsSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PMLake Havasu City, 86406
Love Talk LifeGroupAny AdultMcCulloch CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PM 
Mark and Kim BohannanAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PM 
Phil Hatch Life GroupMixed: Couples & IndividualsSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:15PMLake Havasu City, 86403
Ruben and Johanna Magdaleno Parker LifeGroup Parker CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Wednesday @ 6:30PM 
Stephanie Kent Adults with Disabilities LifeGroupAny AdultSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 6:30PM 
Terry Minnuies LifeGroupWomen's GroupSweetwater CampusLifeGroups (Small Groups)Tuesday @ 10:00AM